Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Liberal OC are not liberals, they're a bunch of faggots!

Before you read this, I am NOT defending Art Pedroza... Errr, actually I guess I am. But most of all, I am just sick and tired of wannabe liberals in America and its time to put a stop to it! AND BTW Art, in my opinion you have a lot to learn about real liberalism. But, I must say you have never done anything to piss me off personally, therefore I am going to take it easy on you. But the “Liberal” OC Boys have gone overboard and they're the real problem with the system and this society. Therefore I am compelled to call them out on their bullshit!

Before you read the next paragraph please know that I understand that there are good Lawyers out there that do try to help day to day people, but they are few and far between. Most people in the system get swallowed up by it and become sell outs and bad people, IMO. But people who create such anguish and torment for people the way The Liberal OC and their pussy Lawyers have done to Art Pedroz, is just down right immoral.

I mean, I think what Art did to those guys is very funny, funny in an immature way but funny none the less. Yet I don't agree with Art's views on Homosexuality at all
I believe in very little of this paper work, litigation, court and lawyer bs in the first place. We could easily eliminate 90% of the BS paper work in this society and make all the paper pushers get real jobs! In my opinion, anyone who isn't avoiding this kind of court process as much as possible not only hates life, but they need to learn some real lessons in life. You have no real passion for fun in life, and I have come to realize that people devoid of fun and light hearted activity really are the people fucking up this entire human existence in the first place! FUCK ALL YOU FUN HATING COCK BLOCKERS! Life was never suppose to be about litigation and stupid irrelevant, paper pushing bullshit! So what if Art is ignorant on homosexuality!? Anyone who is a real liberal/progressive already understands that homosexuality is just a part of life. So why does The “Liberal” OC have to take Arts actions so seriously? I have to understand why all you people have to take yourselves sooooooo seriously. One of the most true statements I have ever uttered in my life (And I quote myself): “People who take themselves too seriously bore the shit out of me”. Maybe there is an element of truth to the joke he pulled on you? Obviously being gay has nothing to do with child molestation, but why are you soooooooo upset by what was obviously an immature and naive joke to play on someone?
Liberals do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT exist in Orange County. I mean, the fact that I actually live in this trust fund baby infested, superficial cesspool is an an anomaly that I don't even understand myself. The only 2 real explanations for why a guy like me would live in such a brain washed, white christian, white republican, racist, douche bag infested county would be as follows:
1- I have my head way up my ass and I have no idea why I even moved to Santa Ana instead of New York, LA, Portland, Austin, etc. where people can actually enjoy my artistic talent and radical opinions.
2- I want to help this county become truly liberal, because in other areas in the country where people would actually love and respect me everywhere I go, I would be doing less good for the betterment and hopefully, truly liberal and positive evolutionary change of America.
The Liberal OC, you obviously haven't done, JACK FUCKING SQUAT!
All of you people in this piece of shit, ass wipe, devoid of liberalism, dick headed, trust fund baby infested, dumb, pizza pan deep thinking, shallow as fuck, blind sided douche bag county! Even the supposed progressives have been tainted by this county and its Nazi-like politics! Even you supposed “revolutionaries”, you supposed “progressives”, you are all tainted by your environment no matter how hard to try to avoid it! You people are fucking lost on so many levels it makes me want to just start bitch slapping people on a regular basis! And I'm talking a real, nice, heart felt bitch slap that will knock you on your ass! I think I want to go around town and just start bitch slapping people, just because they're too fucking stupid to live life!
I grew up in Utah as a Mormon. In my exit from Mormonism I came to realize many things about this country. It was like Neo coming out of the Matrix, only to learn that he is still in a larger Matrix and the rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper.
I have this saying and quoting myself again: “America is to Christianity as Utah is to Mormonism”
In Utah, I actually had some non-practicing and non-Mormon friends. But what I came to realize in my older age and after I left the church is that though they are not believers in the tenets of Mormonism, they actually are much more Mormon than they realize. They get married in their very early 20s, have kids at a very young age, don't believe in abortion (BTW, I don't believe in late term), they have way too many kids, they follow many of the Family value systems, they stay ignorant in their little Utahan bubble, etc, etc.
Its like the Non-believing Mexican who has a swimming pool in the back yard, big screen TVs, Watches corporate TV and news all day long, loves the Lakers and all the Sports leagues, doesn't speak Spanish, doesn't believe in Abortion, etc. You have been tainted by Catholicism and white, superficial, brain washed, Orange county! You are a product of your environment.
Court and litigation? LOL! Tons of Money, paper work up the world's ying yang, loss of life, loss of time, loss of soul, loss of effort, loss of meaning to your own life and Art Pedroza's family life, loss of thought process, loss of heart, loss of living, loss of fun, loss of relaxation, loss of real, meaningful thought and most of all: loss of being a cool fucking person!
The “liberal” OC has waged war and attack on Arts Family and that's all there is to it! If you had any heart or balls at all, you would either publicity humiliate Art yourselves, without using this stupid, paper pushing, bullshit system, or you would just simply confront him or try to be clever about sabotaging him for your own personal revenge. But no, you have to take the little, fucking gay boy, pussy route.
What a tragedy! You guys are a bunch of fucking Faggots! And I don't mean that in the gay way at all, I am good friends with an array of homosexuals and am a huge supporter of the gay community. I mean it in the biggest douche bag on the planet way! The word faggot in my mind doesn't even have a gay connotation anymore.You call someone a faggot when they're being one! You are worse than those Harley Davidson Bike riders! They use to be the biggest faggots on the Planet with their faggoty leather jackets and their faggoty, loud, bikes riding through town!
But now its you, liberal OC, you are now the biggest Faggots around!
Once again, get some balls and come back at Art. Humiliate him publicly, confront him to his face and threaten him, KICK HIS FUCKING ASS! I don't give a fuck what you do, just leave his family and financial life out of it you fucking corporate bullies! What the fuck is wrong with you “liberal”, OC, over educated (and I mean that in the worst, American, Orange county way, possible), underachieving, fuck wads?


[lib-er-uh-liz-uh m, lib-ruh-] Show IPA
the quality or state of being liberal, as in behavior or attitude (The liberal OC is not the definition of liberal by any stretch).
a political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual (you fucked up there), parliamentary systems of government (Any true liberal knows there is nothing democratic about federal politics and that voting is almost always a Goddamn Joke), nonviolent modification of political, social, or economic institutions to assure unrestricted development in all spheres of human endeavor (you fucked up there), and governmental guarantees of individual rights and civil liberties (Fucking up there).
( sometimes initial capital letter ) the principles and practices of a liberal party in politics.
a movement in modern Protestantism that emphasizes freedom from tradition and authority, the adjustment of religious beliefs to scientific conceptions, and the development of spiritual capacities.
Fuck the system! I'm over all of this irrelevant time and money spent on murdering trees and creating impossible to understand, legal language, upon dead tree carcass! Do any of you people even give a shit that our founding fathers not only had a simple manner of speech (yet intelligent), but used and believed in the cannabis plant (Although many of our founding fathers were a bunch of intolerant, racist, pricks)? And the first dollar bill AND AMERICAN FLAG was made of hemp!? Did you know that the hemp industry was shut down by evil corporate ass holes (Like the liberal OC) who believe in pointless, society bogging, litigation and manipulating society into destroying themselves and our precious earth for their own capital and material gain? And they shut down the hemp industry so they can Murder more trees! Trees? Without Trees humans would be dead! Yet Hemp is one of the most useful products on the planet! And I know your stupid, Born again preacher and you wannabe liberals can't even fathom what I'm talking about because you watch Fox news on a daily basis like the Bible
Did you know that the hemp plant is not only way more durable than cotton and trees, polyester, etc., but that Hemp has more than 25,000 uses, from oil to brick, from milk to food, from fuel to paint, this whole society and world should be running on hemp? Please educate yourselves! Go to your favorite search engine and type: “the history of hemp and its uses”
Do you understand the correlation here?
If the liberal OC was really that fucking liberal, for one thing they wouldn’t have taken Art Pedroza to court. All you did was take from his wife and children you selfish little, bitches! All you “liberal” ass holes are doing is feeding a bullshit system, meanwhile harming Arts children and family you idiots! Get your stupid, fucking wannabe liberal, Orange county, heads out of your asses!
You guys are serious ass holes
The simple fact that you have to label yourselves “liberal” in your stupid blog is because you're not really liberals. Like the guy who has to make it a point how cool he is. Only to find he has a fucking 4'x4' shoved so far up his ass he can't even see straight. “Yeah bro, I'm totally chill man... I'm really easy going man”... Yeah, sure you are. You show who you are by your actions, not by labeling yourself, you fucking numb skulls!
I believe that if the guys at "the 'liberal' OC" did actually practice what they claim to be (I.E. the term liberal gets thrown around for no apparent reason in a country and county where liberals are practically non existent. I.E. America and especially Orange county have no idea of liberalism), if they're so Goddamn liberal I don't think they would need to be professing so in the name of their blog. I just don't buy into liberalism in OC, PERIOD! There are no liberals in OC! And I should fucking know! On the same token, Art Pedroza needs to get over his homophobia and realize that he could be more liberal himself. If he knew a little more about liberalism he would have much more of an in depth understanding of homosexuality, the occupy movement, and the fake, sellout Latino-Nazi city council here in Santa Ana.
Hey Liberal OC, are you guys democrats? HahahaLOLOL
In short, I am tired and fed up with people who are blind to the realities of our tainted society. This is not democracy. This is a corporate controlled system that is tainted by powerful people with a lot of money. People who don't care about human evolution, people who don't care about progressive forms of energy and people who don't care that oil and coal are both obsolete forms of energy, people who hate education and critical thinking for all, people who love oppression through pointless rules and irrelevant and arbitrary paper work and stupid manners of speech and political correctness, people who love separating humanity because of race and culture! I am tired of all of you and you can all FUCK OFF! The politics in this country from local to state to federal, are all controlled by the super rich and not by the people of America. Politicians in America are 95% sold out and that goes for Santa Ana!
I am sick of Democrats and I'm sick of Republicans and I am completely and utterly pissed off about the sell out nature of American Politicians!
Liberal OC, You are not liberals by any stretch of the imagination! Stop lying to yourselves and to an already tainted and brain washed county! Throw in the towel you pussies!


  1. Well said Theo. And I am not anti-gay, but I sure was back in the day. I quit the GOP and renounced their anti-gay ways.

    Like you, I grew up in a near-cult. I grew up Seventh Day Adventist and have spent my life trying to undo that damage.

    It surely isn't liberal to attack someone's family and try to destroy someone via the courts, for political reasons. That is indeed BS.

    What we have in the OC are limo liberals - and they are nearly as useless as the Republicans.

  2. 50/50 for me. It seems like you are the one that is not liberal and you contradict yourself too much.

  3. This is your brain on drugs.

    Any questions?

  4. This sounds like a song I have been huming for years!

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  7. You douche bag homophobe. do us a favor and get lost...

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