Friday, May 26, 2017

Dear Mexican people,

I understand that many of you think I am some crazy, Puto Gringo who says a lot of stupid shit and needs to keep his big, fat, privileged mouth shut half the time, but I love you anyways. I am sorry that my “culture” (or lack thereof) has exploited your culture to such an extreme measure and I thank your culture for being such hard workers with good hearts (for the most part). But I wish you would complain more.

That’s ok, I will do as much of the complaining for you as I can, I’m good at it.

Fuck America!

We give the drug cartels all the power by making drugs illegal and not regulating them in a free market, then make Mexico dangerous by giving the drug cartels all the fucking money and power (Just like during the alcohol prohibition) while allowing the shipments of drugs in (and yes, it has been proven time and time again that the CIA directs the drug traffic flow) and pretending to be anti-drugs, and that “drugs are bad” (When everyone fucking knows drugs are awesome) within our stupid, “war on drugs” culture (2.4 million nonviolent prisoners cost America 70 billion a year to a for profit prison system) and brainwashed society, creating false stigmas about drugs, while creating irrational and uneducated understandings about drugs, while forcing suppression of drugs upon our youth and stigmatizing drugs, which creates more addicts. As all psychology professionals understand, suppression and stupid education (A misunderstanding about drugs) causes obsession and keeps an illegal drug economy flowing and gives the drug cartels all the power. In an educated, transparent, democratic and free society and economy, drugs would be regulated and free to the public and drug addicts (Or dysfunctional users) would soon become a thing of the past.

Then the good people of Mexico who just want to be peaceful with their families and work an honest job are forced here because of violence in their own country, caused by our already violent drug policies, which gives the violent cartels all the fucking power, and on top of all that, Mexico’s shitty economy forces them here (America also squanders many resources south of the border and beyond), then they get fucked by a system here in AmeriKKKa which will not allow many of them basic human rights and a decent wage, while they fucking bust their asses to keep all the privileged ass holes in this economy happy, while ignorant, racist ass holes say “they took our jobs, they don’t speak English”. Prohibition does not stop the flow of drugs, IT CAUSES MORE AND MORE VIOLENCE! WE ARE A VIOLENT CULTURE, WE ARE NOT PEACEFUL! Then to top it all off under Obama we shipped out 2.5 million undocumented immigrants and now we have a xenophobic, hyper racist, narcissistic, childish, fucking moronic, greedy, retarded, sold out to wall street and bankers, spoiled rotten brat with the nuclear codes and in the high position in the world?!?! LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Fuck our “culture” or lack thereof!


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