Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bernie Sanders on foreign policy

When people say that Bernie Sanders is “weak on foreign policy”, I am now nodding to myself “no, total nonsense.” Because people who say that are usually ignorant about American imperialism, and the history of mindless war for resources, occupations, global capitalist take over for power, or, they are just not recognizing why “he seems weak on foreign policy.” And he’s not weak at all, he just knows the truth and knows the immense changes that need to be made. If anything Hilary is weak on foreign policy since she takes advice from war criminals and has a track record of voting for illegal wars, while supporting and voting for other social/political catastrophes. Bernie understands the catastrophic nightmare that is the oligarchy of the banking war monger psychopaths that run this country, and how they have run this country and the planet into the fucking ground. This is a very touchy and complicated issue that people just do not understand and are very ignorant about, people don’t understand the truth about American history and the endless war mongering ways of the conservative, NeoCon bankers agenda. Ass holes and psychopath’s run this economy and our world, and people are in total denial of this. Personally, I have been very lucky (Or maybe it’s unlucky since ignorance is bliss) to have an understanding of this, outside of some of my lack of education over the years. Of course these days my education is vast, although I can’t go around regurgitating historical statistics like a fucking champion Jeopardy player. So in my heart I have always known the truth (Since my exit from Mormonism at least) and it has only been until recently that my educational emphasis on the reality of the extremities of our situation has really, really, really hit home. Having a mind set in the reality of the state of our planet can tend to make one into a cynic, but a cynic with a glimmer of hope none the less. They say the truth will set you free, but I’m not so sure I agree with that statement. It’s more like, If you have any sort of moral conscience and obligation to humanity and planet, the truth will bind you towards the freedom, education and culture of humanity. In a sense the truth binds you to a moral obligation towards your fellow planetary beings, but for the greater good.
 Educated people are much less likely to unnecessarily reproduce, bringing more consumers onto a resource deficient (because of mindless Americanism), finite planet full of orphans with mommy and daddy issues who need families and homes because people don’t understand it’s about quality not quantity, and cultured people are less likely to commit crimes towards their fellow human beings, and are open minded to every single cause towards positive human evolution. Example (Talking about myself again): I know its right to eat vegan, it’s just the right fucking thing to do for humanity, animal, plant, water and planet, end of discussion. I am not a vegan because I am too weak and I of course reproduced before I was educated enough to know what the fuck I was doing. Now as a person who believes in taking care of yourself and holding your own in a capitalist society the best you know how, it’s my moral obligation to make sure my daughter does not grow up with daddy issues and has as many opportunities as possible to become a contributing member of society. There are already enough fucked up kids wandering this planet with no guidance, and I refuse to contribute to such a thing. If I would have been educated and presented the truth about myself at a young age, I would have never reproduced in a million years. And I would have always encouraged any woman to use abortion accordingly, because that’s what it’s there for, your reproductive rights and to maintain some kind of balance in an imbalanced planet. Many women get all choked up about this subject, but it’s because people in general are missing the bigger picture. I am not a woman and don’t know what it’s like to be pregnant, but your personal emotions and beliefs should not come before the betterment of the planet, IMO. I’m not saying to not have a kid, nor am I saying to have an abortion either, I’m just saying there are a lot of people who need help, and if you have the humanity in you, I would implore you to adopt before reproduction. In California and other “progressive” states, Planned Parenthood is after all, *free*.  And of course I just simply do not understand having more than a kid or two, I just don’t. I can’t for a second fathom how people have one kid, then after having that one kid finding out what an enormous responsibility it is: this is some serious shit! Then to continue to reproduce kid after kid after kid? I just don’t understand these hyperactive breeders. I would adopt in a heartbeat if I had the funding, probably someday.  At any rate, being that I take care of, feed, and live with my daughter, it makes it very difficult to be vegan, as she does not believe in the importance of much of the knowledge I have acquired over the years. So the one person I live with, take car of and feed does not support my wants in morality and aspirations to be vegan. Why would she? She is 16. Of course, repeating myself, I am weak and have an addictive personality. But if we lived in a society of educated and cultured people, I would not have to worry about such things, I would not have to worry about many of my weaknesses, etc. And do you know why? Because we would democratically decide to stop fucking torturing, milking and murdering animals for mindless consumption and soulless corporate profit. As cultured, open minded and educated people we would do what is right for the whole 19 times out of 20. And guess what would actually happen? Scientists, nutritionists and chefs from all over the world would get together in order create endless vegan food that is not only fucking delicious and nutritious, it would be affordable for everyone, i.e. Cheap as fuck, like McDonald’s. Side note: Not to mention we waste damn near half of all the food we produce in America, and still have 60 million people facing hunger on a daily basis. Why? Because we’re fucking morons. So instead of raising cattle and chopping down rain Forests at the rate of 80,000 acres per day and using endless water that is needed in the 3rd world for thirsty people who are dying, we would use that land and water in order to feed ourselves the food we feed the cattle, which would all be vegan. Again, according to USGS it takes 4000 to 18,000 gallons of water to make a juicy hamburger. That’s how much water it takes to feed, hydrate and service cows. And trust me, with the vast knowledge we have today in science, nutrition and cooking, the carnivores would totally know the difference, but they would love it. Because everyone would be thin and in shape, and people would be fucking happy because their bodies would be free of the fucking meat industry, animal fat and animal torture and so would the entire planet. That’s just an example of what would happen if we lived in a world of cultured and educated people. And by default in a cultured and educated planet, people would be open minded to all truths and would not be in denial, no matter how much they have to admit their hypocrisy or inconvenience their current morality, lifestyle and/or complacency.

Personally, I think Bernie does a great job at countering Hilary when she goes on and on about her “experience” on foreign policy. But what good is experience if you are not a politician of the people, but a whore of the financial “industry” (money is NOT a fucking commodity, so stop calling it an industry) among other corporations and billionaires?  That’s not experience for the betterment of the whole, education, culture, freedom and positive human evolution, that’s experience for your own monarchist, money and power grubbing, control freak tendencies with no thought for the future of this planet, animal, human, tree, plant and water alike. We activists have been working towards this candidate Bernie Sanders for fucking years, and he’s here now and do you know why? Because it’s becoming too late, because it’s time for humanity to evolve away from this dirty technology, animal torture that’s raping the planet (animal agriculture uses more water than anything else and pollutes the planet more than the vehicle industry), this war mongering culture that is white washing the planet with pointless Americanism and away from this Ponzi scheme, corporation/banker’s capitalism. It’s time to move on now! The war mongering, control freak, fascist psychopaths have had their fun.
So people say “Bernie Sanders is weak on foreign policy”? Well fuck you! You don’t know dick about shit! Bernie Sanders has two things and you know what they are called? A fucking heart and a soul! He has an activist, truth and equality track record and he speaks the MOTHERFUCKING TRUTH! DO-YOU-UNDERSTAND?!?! And this topic, foreign policy, probably boggles the fuck out of his mind because it’s such an appalling fucking, culture fucking, earth raping mess; and it’s absolutely not something he can do alone! Hello people? Hilary voted on the Iraq war and Bernie did not! What more do I need to say? The Bush-Nazi Regimes war! You know, that pointless war for an obsolete resource that’s still going on today? I applaud Bernie for not taking advice from anyone on foreign policy! And I applaud him for exposing Hilary for taking advice from an imperialist war Monger, Henry Kissinger, who sanctioned the genocide of 3,000,000 Cambodians! BTW, Hilary and fam are good friends of the Kissinger fam! Together we all need to help Bernie heal these exploited cultures of the world and make reparations to the many exploited countries of this planet. This is not a laughing matter! Foreign policy is not something to be taken lightly, and EPECIALLY when you’re the imperialist monster who needs to make a fucking mends to the world.
So keep flapping your stupid lips about his “weakness”, because it’s not his fucking weakness, it’s our weakness as Americans! We are in this shit together whether we like it or not. We need to get the conservative NeoCons out of this political system (Which Hilary is a part of), it is an absolute must for the future inhabitants (ALL INHABITANTS) of this fucking planet, clean energy evolution and human evolution! Oh wait, Hilary has a vagina, she has to be the best candidate, right? I mean, like blacks, women too have been oppressed! Who cares if its politics as usual, America needs a woman poster child, not an actual human fucking being who wants a political revolution and a planet of opportunity for all.
If you’re too blinded by corporate media, your upbringing, political correctness and social stigmas or if you’re too insensitive to *Feel the Bern*, then I do feel sorry for you, I really feel sorry. And you know why? Because I was raised Mormon. And you know what it’s like to be raised Mormon?  To cut your own dick off despite your crotch and sex drive. It sucks, it seriously sucks.
America absolutely is to Christianity as Utah is to Mormonism. America is to Christianity as Scientology is to Hollywood. I mean seriously, if you’re that big of a social pawn that you have to deny the truth and cut off your own dick and say:
Universal health care? I want Hilary, let’s keep putting students into debt and giving them loans they’ll never pay off
Universal education? I want Trump (every time I hear him talk I lose IQ points)
$15 an hour minimum wage? I want to be a millionaire someday, we don’t need that!
Equal opportunity for all race? Fuck that! Let’s go to church, hun! Jesus was white
Regulate the criminal justice system? Marijuana offenders deserve prison time! Let’s build a wall! Fuck the 70 billion a year wasted non-violent prisoners! Fuck education while we’re at it!
Break up the big banks “too big to fail” and tax the rich? Fuck those immigrants, the bad economy is their fault (In a country built on slavery, genocide and ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION)!
I seriously do feel for you and hope you will see the light.

I love you all and thanks for your time,

Theo Hirsch
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