Friday, November 27, 2015

What I am NOT Thankful for this Thanksgiving and Black Friday:

1-      I am not thankful for America’s racist “founding fathers” who claimed to have discovered this continent, who spread their social disease called Christianity and have colonized the planet, just like they colonized this great terrain and brainwashed and white washed the entire planet with bullshit religion, white washed Americanism, a blue eyed, white washed Jesus, blind patriotism to a stupid flag that represents the idea of America and its world take over, endless wars, global capitalist take over and indigenous genocide. America is only an idea and nothing more! FUCK PATRIOTISM TO AMERICA!
2-      I am not grateful for the way society is set up. How we still use oil, an eco-destructive form of energy that is entirely obsolete compared to what we are capable of technologically speaking. We could be using sunlight, steam, fuel cell, wind tech, etc. Technologies that are not only clean and ecofriendly, you do not have to frack or dig huge holes and destroy our beautiful earth with dirty air, massive synthetic trenches and oil spills that kill off sea and other life.
3-      I am not grateful for the way we torture, confine, beat the shit out of and unnaturally consume cows, pigs, lambs, turkeys, chickens and exploit the shit out of billions of animals every year, animals who deserve no such treatment. Nor am I grateful for the rain forest destruction and earth rape that is caused via animal consumption and the raising of cattle. When the American native consumed buffalo, it was out of necessity and respect for the animal. Today we consume meat out of sheer disregard for life and nature, in a narcissistic, parasite-like state. Human beings are narcissistic parasites that seek pleasure no matter what the cost.
4-      I am not thankful for the psychopath banking “elite”, the corporate conglomerate and the Wall Street money launderers that control the economy. Through the regulation of money (The government does not own the Federal reserve, private bankers do), the economy is the ultimate way to control people through control of the money printing process, accumulation of endless digital numbers in their earth raping bank accounts, sold out politicians, brain washing people from birth via religion, a tainted education system and a bullshitting mainstream media that is geared towards fear, stupidity, consumption and shitty/boring artistic talent, or lack thereof.
5-      I am NOT grateful for America’s freedom of religion in the first amendment. You can make up any stupid thing you want about some nonexistent, invisible God, pawn it off as “truth”, then brainwash a bunch of people into believing in bullshit, while guilt tripping them into paying money to the collection plate from some fake pastor or “religious Guru”. Scientology and Mormonism are the primate examples of moronic American religions that are completely full of shit, yet monetarily successful through brain washing and manipulation. I do NOT believe in this kind of Freedom of religion. Religion has NO product and a fake service, yet gets off Scott-free from paying its share of tax. Fuck American religion! Fuck all of it! Give your churches to the homeless, just like Jesus would do!
6-      I am NOT Grateful that everything in this society never stops, the economy that never sleeps, you have no time for rest, as you must always produce so you can pay your rent, or you’ll go homeless. Consumption is 24/7 on a finite planet of reproducing, narcissistic ass holes who think they are the center of an endless universe. News flash humans: You’re nothing special!
7-      I am not grateful for tree murder and rain forest destruction. And the fact that we do not use Hemp, the most useful plant on this planet. You can use hemp for everything from food, to oils, to fuel, to textiles, to make up, to rope and clothing. It grows eons quicker than trees and is a sustainable, yearly crop that grows every year and is a thousand times more versatile than wood. Please search “Hemp vs. Trees.” We are currently destroying the rainforest at 20,000 square miles per year, that’s 150 acres a minute! We treat the earth like we hate it, and that is precisely what we do: We hate nature and we hate the earth.
8-      I am NOT grateful for the death and near extinction of the Orcas, Many types of sharks, Panda bears in China, Blue whales, the depletion of sea life in the ocean and the complete disregard we have for nature and the sentient beings in its inhabitants. We hate nature! And it’s disgusting how much we hate, exploit, murder, plunder and completely destroy nature, and then we try and intervene by saving a few panda bears and raising them in captivity so we can release them back into the wild that we already fuck up in the first place. We do shit like this all the time. After fucking up an animals natural inhabitants and making it unlivable for them, we pull out what few of the animals there are left, impregnate them, raise them in captivity, then re-release them back into the wild, tampering with nature and destroying it at the same time.
9- And finally, I am NOT grateful for the fact that we waste almost half of all of our food production in the developed world, especially in America, we are such complacent ass holes, we waste almost a half of the food we produce, like, we put it in the fucking garbage can. And at the same time we can't even feed the 48 million starving people that includes mostly kids under 18. So lets get this straight:

      Every year we torture and murder countless animals, while claiming to be good and righteous. Then we waste almost half of every animal carcass we murder, confine and torture, including all vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains we raise, cultivate, prepare and cook, instead of feeding the starving people of the world, while claiming to be a nation of moral Christians who follow Jesus H(irsch) Christ, a man who championed and fed the poor and healed the sickly and down trodden in the Bible.

      Wow, what a fucking sadistic joke!

I am grateful to be alive and conscience and to have many of the things I have. But I am NOT grateful to be part of this irreverent, unconscious, nature hating, sentient being torturing (All animals we exploit one way or another) and parasitic humanity. There is a reason why the hippo is Vegan, yet has a history of violence and murdering more humans than any other animal.

Thanks for your time,

Theo Hirsch

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