Monday, August 10, 2015

Political and social morons worried about undocumented immigrants

This morning I got a random telemarketing call from the Tea Party promoting their immigration policies and it pissed me off! This post is inspired by that call

These social and political morons like the Tea Party and these asinine republicans who are so worried about undocumented immigrants when there are endless problems we need to focus on, are so stupid on so many levels its mind boggling. They are actually worried about people who do labor jobs that no one else would do anyways? SO once Jesus and Jose go through hell just to get into this country so they can bust their asses picking vegetables and fruit, doing landscaping, laying cement, cleaning houses, cooking, etc.  You people are worried about this? You people are a bunch of morons and you can all suck my fucking dick. I am so sick of 1st world humanity and this western civilization and the fuck-tards that run this system, we have so many problems and these fuck-wads are worried about people who come here to fucking work? THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILD ON SLAVERY AND IMMIGRATION YOU MORONIC FUCKS
1-            Oh my God, you have a recycle system of shit, the ocean is full of plastic and poison from pollution, we are depleting the ocean of sharks and fish and just fucking the entire ocean eco system. We are destroying the planet! And you’re worried about people who want work? LOL
2-            American has 25% of the world’s prisoners from a stupid and immoral drug war that allows the mafia and drug cartels to deal drugs as they please under bullshit war on drugs that is a bunch of uneducated, hypocritical nonsense that only suppresses humanity and our culture. Educate, rehabilitate and help people, stop putting people in prison for using a substance while at the same time being in cahoots with these same drug lords, its moronic. These people need help and rehabilitation, not jail. And you’re worried about people who want work? LOL
3-            ALL WARS NOW DAYS ARE BANKERS WARS! America is still at war, we are at war for the bankers! Why do you think Barack Obama has not followed up with anything he promised America in his campaign? Because it’s not his decision and war is a massive profit and for America, its business as usual. The economy is run by the banking cartels. The system is rigged, tainted, and there will be no justice until we have currency that is regulated and transparent for the people! The banking cartels will do as they please and continue to go to war as long as they run the show! This is a bankers economy and all wars are bankers wars (I will repeat it a million times)! And BTW, lets not forget that after these young Americans get brainwashed into going to war, the people who control our government  (The baking cartels and billionaires) have zero morality or humanity and will not even take care of their own soldiers?! You know how many of the homeless are Veterans? You know how many of these Veterans have mental and physiological problems and need help, food and housing? And you’re worried about people who want work? LOL
4-            There are endless other problems like shit education system, endless corporate greed, a shitty and imbalanced corporate economy, homelessness, imbalance global capitalism that is literally fucking the planet, tree murder and deforestation, anti-progressive dirty fuel, over consumption of cattle that is destroying the planet, hungry people all over the globe, yet America wastes and throws out 96 billion Lbs of food per year. And these ass holes are worried about people who have to come over here to work?!
And finally, if these undocumented immigrants who DO NOT have their rights protected, who are mostly uneducated when they arrive, who have to struggle and fight just to get a job are stealing your jobs. You are an unfathomable moron beyond compare, and you need to go fuck yourself
Shut the fuck up you Goddamn morons, your opinions are invalid, stupid, idiotic, retarded, and just plain fucked! Go fuck yourselves!

Thanks for your time,


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