Monday, April 27, 2015

Destroy the American Ponzi scheme economy

Those at the top of the economic pyramid run our lives, this isn't a fucking conspiracy, this is fact. The monetary system is set up to always win, there is nothing you can do to change the Ponzi scheme until it ultimately fails. Cops and military are controlled and owned by the people at the top of the economic pyramid and for the most part cops do not have a mind of their own, because no matter how unjust or arbitrary the law, the cops obey the system and suppress lives, especially brown people. Although I will say that white people alike, along with all races receive a multitude of injustices from police, government and the rich, simply because of their lack of digital numbers in their stupid bank accounts. These days the socioeconomic pyramid is indeed the most undeniable factor of the suppression of people, education and human rights. There is absolutely zero democracy when politicians are paid off, and as you may already know, 95% of all American politicians are paid off by one special interest group or another. In order to change America, it would entail a mass revolution, the majority coming together, tearing down the current political and monetary system in order to create a new system; an economic, socialist/democratic, transparent and free trade economy. Of course there would be plenty of police, even military involved in such a revolution, since the people who print the money and run the banking system are the same people who control and cause all war and our local police. The government is also controlled by these same people.

 In a new transparent socialist democracy everyone has medical, everyone has a place to live, everyone eats (It would cost us nothing more to do so). Choose to educate with culture and open minds instead of bombarding the public with a for Profit prison system, this immoral drug war, get rid of local militarized police forces and take away their guns and give them rubber, nonlethal bullets, educate cops to be real servants of society, not race profiling, car profiling, money siphoning, fun suppressing, ass holes; eradicate all for profit education, stop the wasting of 96 billion lbs. of food per year and focus that on the hungry, get rid of property monopolies and make all land and buildings publicly owned and democratic. Free trade would have to still be a major part of things, we wouldn't want to slow down human evolution and technology. Of course, free trade in a truly educated, technological and open culture society would actually be for the betterment of the social whole, it wouldn't be about pushing fucking numbers in order to accumulate a bunch of retarded bullshit that no one fucking needs in order to murder trees, waste preliminary trash and non-biodegradable plastic, and just consume for the sake of pretending you don't have an empty fucking life. Of course people should be rewarded for their artistic creativity, their brilliance, their scientific discoveries, their ingenuity, their ecofriendly discoveries, etc. And as far as private housing is concerned, we would absolutely have to change that, as no one person needs to have "ownership" over a multitude of properties, there has to be a better way than this. Indebted to a multi-national banking firm for your entire life, just so you can have a place to live? Or slaving away at a job day by day just so you can pay rent in a two bedroom apartment to a greedy landlord, a person who usually has absolutely no interest in any of this property besides his or her own financial well being? What kind of nonsensical mumbo-fucking-jumbo is this shit, anyways? In a socialist property system, no one would ever go homeless and taking vacations would be more of an international time share. Churches would be forced to use their property for the betterment of society one way or another. But more than anything we would have to have a major take over of the money printing, the banking system and all their endless buildings (banks have all the largest buildings in every major city in the world), and the people exploiting, corporate conglomerate and their pointless, paper pushing jobs that do absolutely nothing for the people and their economic betterment would all go BYE-FUCKING BYE, BITCH! We would end ALL POINTLESS AND HUMAN SUPPRESSING INDUSTRY! We would take all of their buildings and make this current monetary system entirely obsolete. You couldn't just cut the monetary system off all at once, we would still have to use the same currency for a while. But the new world-people's order would slowly take affect, as the Federal reserve would become a transparent, democratic system controlled by the people. All the people would control it with their smart phones. Everyone would have access to a smart phone or computer of course, if you are born, you get a fucking smart phone. And there would be a city, state and federal voting application on everyone's phone and in fact, this would be the main focus of most people most of the time, when playing with their phones... Instead of playing a stupid video game, you would be voting for how you would like society to truly be shaped. All political issues would be in Layman's terms on an application on your phone or computer and instead of all these bullshit legal terms and 20+ page propositions, you would have a sentence or two or a paragraph to explain everything! No one needs 20 fucking pages to explain that Gays want to get married.

 Once we eradicate all the people exploiting, economy suppressors from society (Money printers, bankers, corporate whores, wall street cunts, etc), we can all then calm the fuck down and stop with all of this 40-60+ hour a week bullshit. We can even go as far as inventing eco-friendly robots to do the majority of our menial to labor intensive tasks and factory workers will be minimal. Why the fuck not? We have the technology

People always talk about "The government, the government, the government". But its not the fucking government. I mean, yes, it is the government, but they are under economic control just like all of us. Ignorantly doing the most pointless jobs and living their ignorant lives in slavery to an economy full of useless paper pushing, ass hole bankers, homeless and poor people hating real estate sharks, wall street junkies, fraudulent insurance companies (All insurance industries are a fraud), members of the earth raping corporate conglomerate who are whores to the .00000000001% sociopaths who run the planet and world economy. The government has become enslaved to these people also, as the government gets charged for every dollar they print. The people who own the monetary system charge our government interest on every-single- dollar they send out & into our economy, to us the people. The government does not control shit! So in Layman's terms: A small group of individuals/families own the monetary printing and global, digital banking system. Even though it is the president of the United state's constitutional right to print his own currency for the people for a transparent economy, he does not, because he is not his own man and does not represent the people of this country, he represents the Illuminati, and the US military also represents the Illuminati. When you pay your taxes to the Federal government, according to the founding fathers, it is an illegal tax. But that was all changed in 1913 under the Federal reserve act. When Woodrow Wilson waved that mighty pen and singed the act of 1913, America became a country of slaves. Black, White, Mexican and Asian... For 102 years we have been slaves to the .00000000001%, a small band of individuals who own massive properties, endless real estate, and multi-TRILLIONS in assets and money. When you pay your tax to the government, the money you pay to the government goes right back to the international bankers, I.e. the Illuminati. So not only do they print money and create digital numbers for their own secret society, families and banking system, they are charging The American government (And others) interest on the money they print for them. Then the government turns around and taxes the people in a never ending cycle of debt, debt which is impossible to get out of. WE ARE ALL TRAPPED IN A NEVER ENDING CYCLE OF EARTH DESTROYING DEBT! Making America one, giant, planet raping, non stop cycle of economic enslavement. And they will never quit until we either revolt, or kill off from pollution or lack of resources because of our empty and uneducated, under-cultured country: this global leader and dominating America. America, land of non-biodegradable Plastic, dead trees and home of the slaves.

 Have you ever wondered who the American government is in debt 18 trillion dollars? Who the fuck are these people? And why is the government in debt? WHO IS THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IN DEBT TO? The government is suppose to be the ones lending out money. I mean, right? Is the Federal reserve not a Federal Institution? DO we not print our own fucking money? Granted, we do owe a trillion dollars to China and other countries, but what about the 18 trillion dollar national debt clock? What in the fuck is this shit?

 America is their (The sociopath money printers, Illuminati) greatest conquest yet, but it is also the biggest earth rape of human history. I am not sure what to do about all of this, but try and get my ideas and words out there. We are all stuck in a system that is destined to kill us all off. And I have no idea why the people in charge allow us to destroy the earth the way we do in this system, but something has to give. Are these people from another planet? Do they simply not care about the betterment of humanity? Once we destroy the planet in this solar system, will they just migrate to another planet in another Solar system and exploit that one too? Why in the fuck do the top people in this Ponzi scheme hate the earth so much? What the fuck is the deal with this shit?

Technology these days is mostly a negative. Petroleum/"fossil fuels" is now such an ass backwards way to run our economy its not even funny anymore. But of course the small group of people, the all seeing eye at the top of this American, global/capitalist oligarchy will not allow any ecofriendly forms of energy to take hold on the American economy, until we suck every Goddamn last ounce of the blood of the earth out of its crust. Just drill, drill, and rape, murder, destroy and kill/spill! Nor are they ever going to allow the freedom of trees. Running our economy through the murder of trees is also very anti evolutionary and damn near retarded at this point of human history. Those who are not familiar with hemp (which is the majority), hemp is not only far more versatile than wood, it can be used for 25,000 different purposes including bio-fuels, car manufacturing, food, make up, textiles, plastic, bricks, hair gel, clothing, paper, etc. This is a plant that has been completely taken down because of big industry, which is ultimately controlled by the people at the top of the economic pyramid. The plastic that would be made from hemp is also biodegradable. Even if we remained as the polluters that we are (And we are fucking crazy as fuck when it comes to preliminary trash and pollution), if we were to simply change our economy into a hemp economy, instead of an Oil, plastic & tree murder economy, there would not be an island of plastic in the middle of the pacific twice the size of the state of Texas, because Hemp plastic biodegrades.

Check out garbage island here:

Check out Hemp products here:

 Petroleum plastic does not biodegrade, not for hundreds or thousands of years. Also, hemp does not take up more than 25% of the land that trees do. 1 acre of hemp = 4.1 acres of trees. The US government predicted in 1916, that we would no longer need to use trees for anything (Isn't it ironic that big industry murders one of our main life forces on the planet, trees, and for no reason besides control of industry and economic production?) by the 1940s. But big industry, the oil, car, tire and lumber industry's destroyed the hemp industry through meaningless propaganda, because hemp is too versatile and useful, therefore it would/could replace and/or eradicate all the above industries with its use. And imagine that, we might even save the planet for future human inhabitants?

We rarely use solar, wind, ocean, fuel cell or any kind of progressive, clean air technology, we are still fucking up our air quality, destroying the polar ecosystem and ice caps, while moving towards global warming at a rapid rate. Oil, plastic, tree murder, bomb and wars, Styrofoam, beef consumption, (Beef uses more water and land than any other industry, and we murder 10-20 million trees per day mainly for the eating of beef and other farming, housing and agricultural needs), rampant, uneducated human reproduction and mindless human industries that are for profit and not culture and education of humanity, these are the things taking us ALL down.

And I'm not even sure what those stupid people who run the economy have planned for the future. Maybe they are the Lizard people. It actually makes sense on some level. Like, if you were actually from this planet and gave a fuck about culture, fun, positive human evolution, future generations, and the living and breathing of all living things. There is no fucking way things would be the way they are.

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