Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Whitewash cultural center

You know, I have never even met Ryan Chase? And if I did see him in real life, I probably wouldn't even know the difference unless he introduced himself. Saw him speak at a city council meeting about that stupid train they’re building through 4th st. (BTW, public transportation and the corporate elite forcing us to drive and own cars in order to get by in this stupid So. Cal. Economy, is a whole other rant I could go on and on about for like a hundred pages) one time, but I didn't get a look at his face as I believe he was sitting in back of me, then he jetted off right after he talked. I of course do not tend to give a fuck about people no matter who they are, their social status, their socially interpreted “IQ”, their skin color, lack of education, sex, artistic aspirations (unless they kick fucking ass) etc. until I have actually had an interesting enough conversation or two with them. With the exception of a woman who I am attracted to physically, of course. But personality does go a very, very fucking long way in my world when it comes to sexual interaction or any kind of interaction with any person for that matter. 

So the silly little things I write and the silly Photoshop stuff I make where I am making fun of Ryan Chase, may seem kind of mean, but here is the thing: I am not making fun of Ryan Chase as I personally do not know him. I am making fun of the product that he has produced, and from the eyes of a culture loving artist. The Yost Promenade, the new bakery, the 4th street market, Playground, etc. This is Irvinification at its finest, right here in DTSA. A friend of mine was arguing with me the other day about how Santa Ana was just like Irvine 20-30 years ago or so, before all the Immigrants (I.e. undocumented Mexicans & some central and South Americans) started moving here. And now that it’s being white washed, (in my words) that it is how it was before they came. Well this was never white-man’s land in the first place, so I say any time Mexicans can take over a community in California they should do it. It’s actually not California, it actually is stolen land. Now I can see it from her perspective also because it’s not her fault. It’s not like she murdered indigenous husbands, raped their wives and brain washed innocent, indigenous children into the intolerance of a lame-ass Catholic/Church of England culture. That wasn't her. She grew up in this OC area and for her personally, this is her land, linage and heritage.

But my point to her and all of you in this city and this motherfucking globe, is that if “the white wash cultural center” (4th st. Market) was actually mine, dude, this town would not be the same. And when I say that I mean it in the awesomest way fucking possible.

Now as much as I do like that coffee shop in the front (it’s the best part of the white wash cultural center), it’s just got to be cut down to size because we have more important things on this planet than coffee. I would have an awesome Pho/Vietnamese restaurant, an Indian restaurant, a Mediterranean/vegan restaurant, a multicultural juice bar (exotic juice from all over the world), a sushi/Japanese restaurant, an Ecuadorian restaurant, an Awesome Mexican restaurant (God forbid, Ryan C.), a Samoan restaurant, a Guinean restaurant, A Spanish restaurant, etc. and I think you get the idea. All restaurant owners would all be from the actual countries the fucking restaurants represent and would be or have a head specialty chef from the actual country. All other workers could be Santa Ana locals or whoever can handle the job. Why would you have a bunch of hipster, white washed, boring-ass, wannabe food truck, Orange County amateurs running this place? It absolutely makes zero sense. We do want to enhance the local economy, but not at the price of culture and art. I would then proceed to cover the entire halls of the place with art and murals. The bathrooms, the commons areas, the eating areas, the back patio, the cafeteria, all covered with local art. And I mean fucking covered, motherfuckers! Fucking cake that fucking place with local art from SA to OC to Riverside and SB, to motherfucking LA (and all over the world), BITCHES!!!!!!! Why in the mother fucking fuck do you fucking think people are fucking here in the first motherfucking place, Motherfuckers? I mean murals and art, EVERYWHERE (Not inside the kitchens, but you get the idea)! I would for sure steal some of the square footage from the coffee bar, that trendy wine/hipster food market and back patio and elsewhere, in order to create a band room/stage and cultural community room. Everything that is being performed inside the band room would be set on loud speaker in the eating areas, and the band room would be open/have an entrance to the patio area. I would configure the thing a lot different, because the band room/dance hall/cultural center would be the main focus of the place. I would then proceed to market the place to all the different cultures as an authentic, cultural cafeteria and pin-target-market each ethnic group in Southern California. You know that Southern motherfucking Cali-fucking-fornia has more ethnic group’s per-capita than anywhere in the world? Yet, we have this fucking white washed bullshit and this black and white, white vs. brown mentality all over this fucking town? And of course, this is Orange County! It’s so ridiculous I can’t even begin to express. The band/stage room would be booked with open mics, band nights, karaoke nights, comedy nights, dance nights, special events, etc. After school programs for the kids from 3-6pm (kind of like the boys and girls club but way better) like rock band class, art classes, music classes, help with homework, etc. And classes and workshops all put on by local artists. We would also have different things going on for the social betterment of the entire community like Yoga classes, cop watch seminars, activist groups of different factions and different cultural events from different countries, we would be closed minded to very little, within reason, education, culture, art and FUCKING FUN!! DOIYOIYOI! *BONK!* *BONK!* *BONK!* *BONK!* You know, fun? Have you fucking heard of it? All kids under 16 would be encouraged to go home by 9pm, because white people (and white washed people) are afraid of their kids being exposed to the actual world and should probably just lock their kids in the fucking basement, because kids aren't human. It would be a money making restaurant center and donation based cultural center. We would get the city involved for grants, so many of the under educated and under privileged of our community could have access to this grand education and culture in order to create less crime in our fucking community (Which would lead to cutting down the city budget of spending 80% of the budget on the stupid-fucking-pigs and their cars, horses and murderous guns that endanger the community with stupid, militarized, meat headed cops that got picked on in high school and have something to prove). There would also of course, have to be some security.

BTW, if I had the money and property this guy has, I would already have given up part of it to the homeless, since the OC trust fun alliance and their puppet politicians in Santa Ana, cannot seem to make that happen. I am so sick and fucking tired of having to give to the homeless, when all of you greedy fucking digital bank numbers accumulating, paper pushing, fucking ass holes do nothing but take, take, take from the economy! I’m sick of your shit! I LIVE IN A TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT YOU FUCKING ASS HOLES! Its not like I can bring them back to my place! I am so sick of seeing these dirty and totally helpless, hungry and crazy people on the streets who need rehabilitation and a place to live! They need social programs you economy exploiting, trust fund, fake wall street, paper pushing, Irvine company, banking ass holes! You people don’t do fucking shit for the economy except for suppress it. And even when you do build something, you’re just mostly hiring underpaid employees and rarely, really ever truly give back. The OC trust fund alliance doesn't want the homeless in their “clean” and white towns, so they send them here to Santa Ana because they don’t give a fuck about Jesus Christ, although many of them claim some kind of bullshit Christianity (of many multiple candy bar brands). There is a SHIT ton of empty real estate in this county, endless churches that claim to follow Jesus, who is a man who championed the poor and the down trodden, and who would never allow homeless when there is so much real estate, and not to mention churches that could be used to house the homeless and rehabilitate them. I mean, do you think Jesus H. Christ would rather house the homeless, or do you think he’d use these church buildings and sanctuaries so you can all meet to compare your stupid slave diamonds, cars and clothing every week? Like seriously, read the fucking New Testament you fucking Morons. And if you’re a Jew…. Errrrrrrrrrr, oh yeah, nevermind.

And BTW, Ryan C.

The fact that you say things like (and I'm paraphrasing): "My goal is to attract more Latinos to the Down Town Area."  Is soooooooooooooooooo fucking retarded! LOL! They're not Latinos, they're Mexicans! LOL! That is such a bullshit, typical over-privileged, white man's statement it makes me want to shit my fucking pants! 

You know who does the most for this economy? Undocumented farm workers, Janitors, cement layers, construction workers, laborers, cooks, cleaners, house builders, building builders, computer programmers, engineers, scientists, artists, promoters, musicians (the people you digital bank numbers pushers command), etc. etc. These are the actual people who keep this economy just and balanced on some level and are the only ones, really doing anything of importance. All you people who hand down money from generation to generation through banking, real estate, wall street, insurance companies, etc., do not actually do shit for the economy. You only push paper and digital numbers, then you go into towns and exploit them and “clean them up”, so the “more privileged” (Many of which just exploit the economy just like you on a different or smaller level) can be safe without those dirty fucking undocumented immigrants (unless you need them for slave work), who simply need education, work and some fucking culture, you mother fucking ass holes. I mean, just the farm worker industry alone (the people that pick our fruit and veggies for endless hours a day) is proof in the pudding that we are a bunch of fucking ass holes (I include myself). The corporate elite allow the undocumented workers to come into this country and live here, and why? Because someone with undocumented status can be exploited out of fear of being shipped out because they have limited rights. They can’t complain! So when the situation is tough, the hours are long and slave-labor-like, and the pay is fucking shit, they can’t complain or they will get shipped out. And they don’t want to go home because home is much of the time worse (because their government sucks ass and the drug Lords are immoral, murderous pricks who use our immoral drug policies here in the US to manipulate the drug market) and many times they have family here. So FINALLY after endless protests against this unjust system of undocumented farm worker exploitation, Walmart in 2014 (Taco bell first and many followed) finally joined the fair food program for a little bit of justice for farm workers (You know, so the women won’t get sexually harassed, and people get better pay for less hours, instead of living the slave lifestyle?). Another one of my points is that your white washed cultural center alone (and this entire economy), receives many benefits because of these hard working people. Cooking, endless tomatoes, veggies and fruits, puke cleaning in the bathroom, houses built, and just crazy-ass hard work that NONE OF YOU WILL EVER DO!!! And the list is actually endless. And the majority do it for very meager wages. While you’re in your pointless meetings pushing paper and digital numbers and telling people what to do so you can make Santa Ana, just a little bit more like South OC (And of course prove to your daddy that you know how to make more digital bank numbers for the family)? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!! What a fucking joke! Get some fucking culture!

You see, one day some property owner went to Mayor Pulido and said: ok my puppet, (He pulls out the gentrification handbook 101) here’s what we’re going to do: Now that we have allowed all those Mexicans to inhabit our precious DTOC area, lets clean up the promenade area and the down town and put in some art galleries and encourage artists to come downtown and hang out. But we not only have to clean up all of the crime in this 4-8 block radius, once the crime is clean, we have to make sure no cops come around or else the artists won’t like it. Fuck, the property owners may have even struck up a deal with the local gangs just to keep them out of the DTSA promenade area, because until Down town stink (I.e. Down Town Inc.) came around, there was never any violence, there were never any fucking cops (Or lame-ass security), and it was very much a very peaceful place with a bunch of underground shit going on and artists just doing whatever the fuck they want and there was never shootings, much violence or any muggings (Of course, this is after the WildWest 90s of DTSA). The only time I really ever saw cops fucking with people before down town stink, was when the loft people (a huge part of pre-Irvinification. BTW, I abhor the Irvine Company almost more than bankers and the government) next to the East village would call and complain about bands at the east village. And it was always the stupid, young, punk cops back in those days that would make a fuss about things. Now it seems the entire SAPD is not only fucked in the head, they’re fucking being militarized and taking waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much fucking tax revenue from our city. I mean, what in the fuck ever happened to culture, art and education? Those are really the three things that prevent violence and promote peace in a fucking city and world! Not a bunch of militarized, hot headed fucking pigs that shoot (and cover up as much as they can) a person or two every week. I have only been coming to Santa Ana for about 10-11 years (lived here 9) so I wasn't here for the early times of the art village, nor for the DTSA, Wild West days in the 90s.  But I do know that there was a time when we artists were allowed to party our asses off with little if any interference from the cops. And it’s because us artists, like always and in every “urban city” in this fucking USA, were being used to make DTSA cool. So then the fucking hipsters would move in, and then they can begin the Irvinification and bring in the PBID (I.e. Down town stink. BTW, Google PBID, no time to explain) and a bunch of stupid fucking cops and their shitting horses. Piles of shit they can’t even clean up themselves (and probably use undocumented workers to clean).

I mean Ryan, just the fact that you have meetings with Jack JackOffCity makes you completely guilty by association. Because I don’t give a flying fuck how much property I owned in this fucking town. There is no way in fucking hell I would ever associate myself with that soulless, cowardice, culture hating, art hating, “real” artist hating, over privileged, mindless, activist hating, culture destroying, piece of fucking Lizard man shit! It’s actually quite pathetic that you have meetings with him, I don’t care what your reasons are.

And the truth is, I know what I am talking about, I am not just ranting. If  any of you have any kind of brain in your head you will look past the cuss words of my word’ and realize the truth (frankness), and realize that I am actually a pretty nice and reasonable fucking guy that is actually very approachable.

And I will stand up for anything I have written here today, face to face with anyone. And I’ll even be nice about it.

And now to toot my own horn:

I don’t think any of you were expecting an artist/activist/fun lover like me to end up in this town. No, I’m not some Jack Johnson regurgitating, candy-ass hip hop or wannabe white boy reggae motherfucker or some wannabe pre-manufactured sellout. I keep shit more real than most of you can even handle. Yet I want the best for this town and all of its inhabitance. I want education and culture for all (undocumented or not) and to minimize that ridiculous cop force. I would rather pay for the education and cultural awareness of a border hopper than the salary of some stupid fucking pig! It is a fact that educated, socialist democracies are the happiest societies on earth, whether you have your stupid documents or not! And when you have a cultured and educated society, YOU DON'T NEED COPS YOU FUCKING ASS HOLES! FUCK THE POLICE! And I want people to take personal responsibility for themselves, and it will be made possible because of this culture and education that I aspire towards for all of humanity. And my track record proves that this is what I believe. As much as it disturbs the majority and especially the trust fund alliance, I too have a vision and was put here for a reason. 

Thanks for your time,

Theodore Jerome Hirsch

 (Also known as Jesus Christ’s Boyfriend, Theo Hirsch, Teodorito, [much better than Doritos] or El Puto, Calvo, Gringo, que vino del culo de Satanas, de Santa Ana)

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