Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jack Jakoffcity won't stop ejaculating all over Santa Ana

The new owner of the Santora and Ramona building of DTSA, Jack Jakoffcity, destroyed the best open mic in southern California. We had a weekly gig going on downstairs. It was an event that began attracting some amazing talent, talent that you rarely see in Orange County. The buzz on the street was attracting all kinds of amazing artists from multiple walks of life. We had stage performers, (one girl even swallowed a sword), clowns, actors, poets, pop singers with those digital music maker boxes, acoustic performers of all kinds, comedians, full bands, poets, and some amazing community going on downstairs. But when Jakoffcity and his Girlfriend came to visit our open mic a couple or three months ago, he was not going to have it, although he pretended like he was ok with it at first. And his girlfriend was like, “Oh, this is really nice, we really like this”. Like you have any of the say, yeah right. In fact, when I asked Mr. Jakoffcity if she was his wife, he gave me that immediate response: Like, no way in hell I would ever get married, “that's my girlfriend”, he said. I am sure a man like that shares as little of his money as possible, the last thing he would do is risk his estate with some woman in a marriage contract.

He told a friend of mine “there will be no more parties”. Open mic was not a party, it was a community event that attracted real people, real artists, and a bohemian open atmosphere. Granted, Halloween did get a little out of hand but what are you going to do? Things happen sometimes, but it wasn’t even that bad at all, just a little mess to clean up but worth it! We were doing this thing, you know what its called Jakoffcity? Having fun. You know, fun? Have you heard of it? So Jakoffcity calls me up and tells me that I can no longer have open mic there. When I asked Jakoffcity why I had to close down the weekly open mic, he told me he didn't have to give me a reason. Come to find out that Jakoffcity emailed everyone in the Santora explaining that he didn't want the open mic anymore.

Mark your territory by jacking off all over Santa Ana's Artist village with those bullshit numbers in your bank account, Jack Jakoffcity! Your cock isn't getting any bigger, pal. And BTW, WTF is up with that faggy hippie hair anyways? You're not a hippie, you're a capitalist A-hole who hates real community! If you cared about anyone else, or for other's lives or feelings besides your own (Which I can imagine are damn near sociopath feelings) at all what so ever, there is no way you would allow my open mic to be shut down, and there is no way you would have painted over that mural without our consent. If you really cared about the arts, you would understand and care about our lifestyles as artists in Santa Ana. You would work with me instead of acting like a stupid Nazi-Jew. You would give me some rules, even ask me to get insurance or something, anything, I don't know. You see, when I throw an event, I throw it for the community, I am an anarchist who gives to the community when I can. Not that I expect some paper pushing, capitalist, Nazi-Jew like yourself to understand that, but just saying. You see, events like my open mic are what made that village cool, you arrogant Nazi-Jew. Your opinion on what is best for the artist village is a joke, and has nothing to do with people, it has to do with you.

And BTW, fuck Newport and Laguna beach art! You hearin' me, Jack Jakoffcity? I swear to Christ, if I see one ocean, whale, dolphin, coral reef of fish, ocean sunset, beach, or any kind of the bullshit (which is not art, it is a mindless regurgitation of never ending copies) I'm going to start throwing water balloons at you every time I see you in the village. People are going to start hating you around here (eeerrrrrr, already do), and they're not going to give a fuck how many paper pushing, bullshit numbers you have in your stupid bank account.

Goddamn it, why in the hell didn't we let the Newsong cult buy the place!? There is no way in hell they would have been as big of fascists as this Nazi-Jew! I am kicking myself in the ass right now, we should not have put so much effort in to scaring away the Newsong cult! We were being judgmental simply because of the fact that they are very weird fundamentalist Christians, with a very Odd Intake-Questionnaire-Form.

Lets just go over some of the questions the Newsong cult asks it perspective members. You fill out this form, and on the form you're suppose to answer whether you, another person you know, or if someone
you have a relationship with is involved in the following practices:

The Occult and Cult
Astral Projection – out-of-body experiences

Automatic Writing – when the writer’s hand forms a message, through writing or typing, without the writer’s conscious thoughts.

Bahaism – a religion of universalism; Jesus is regarded as just one of a line of messengers that includes Buddha and Muhammad.

Black Magic – a form of witchcraft; often involves casting spells on people.

Card Laying – a form of divination, using cards.

Edgar Cayce – a late 19th century/early 20th century celebrity psychic. Though he claimed to be Christian, his unorthodox teachings included astral projection, reincarnation, and more.

Channeling – allowing a spirit to enter one’s body and speak through them.

Christian Science- denies the deity of Christ, the Godhead, and the sinful nature of man.

Clairvoyance – a form of ESP.

Crystal Ball – a tool for divination.

Curses – done intentionally with occult empowerment.

Jean Dixon – astrologer and psychic

E.S.P. – Extra-Sensory Perception; the purported ability to acquire information by paranormal means.

E.S.T. – Erhard Seminars Training, a New Age course for personal development created in the 1970s.

Eckankar – religion that involves soul travel (AKA astral projection), reincarnation, chanting of mantras, and more.

Fortune Telling – in any of its forms.

Horoscopes – fortune-telling through astrology.

Hypnosis – subconscious suggestion

Jehovah’s Witness – denies the deity of Christ, the Trinity, the Person of God the Holy Spirit, and more.

Levitation – to be suspended in mid-air by non-physical means.

Masons – also known as Freemasonry. Practices include secret rites, rituals, dedications, vows, etc. Other orders include Job’s Daughters, DeMolay, Eastern Star

Metaphysical Healing – healing by spirits, crystals, and other psychic means.

The Occult and Cult (continued)
Mediums – those who contact spirits and facilitate communication with them.

Mind Reading – a form of E.S.P.

Mormonism (Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints)

Mudang – a specific type of shaman that contacts spirits; practices divination and healing.

Numerology – fortune-telling with numbers derived from birthdays, numerical values of names, etc.

Occult Literature – from casual reading to reading for the purpose of obtaining power from occult sources.

Ouija Board – a divination tool packaged as a board game and sold at toy stores.

Palm Readings – a form of fortune telling

Psychometry – a form of ESP in which the seer makes physical contact with an object and obtains information through paranormal means.

Reiki – commonly called palm healing; practitioners believe that they are transferring universal energy.

Reincarnations – belief that one dies and continues to be reborn.

Rosicrucian – related to Freemasonry, involves belief in alchemy and astrology.

Satanism – worship and allegiance to Satan.

Science of the Mind – denies the deity of Christ and that the Bible is the literal Word of God.

Scientology - teaches that people are immortal beings who have forgotten their true nature

S̩ances Рattempts to contact the spirits of the deceased.

Shamanism – term for a range of beliefs and practices relating to communication with the spirit world.

Silva Mind Control - A program claiming to be able to raise people's IQs and to give them paranormal abilities by teaching them to think with their right brain hemisphere.

Spiritualism – its distinguishing feature is the belief that the spirits of the dead can be contacted by mediums and can therefore provide living people with information about the afterlife.

Satanic Ritual Abuse – various practices that may include blood sacrifice, sexual rituals, etc. as a part of Satan worship.

Transcendental Meditation – involves chanting and emptying oneself of self.

T. Cole Whitaker – New Age guru.

Tarot Cards – used for fortune telling.

Water Witching – refers to the practice of detecting hidden or buried water, metals, gemstones, or other such objects.

The Occult and Cult (continued)
Witchcraft – many forms but generally derives spiritual power from occult (demonic) sources.

White Magic – “benevolent” magic that supposedly counters black magic.

Unification Church – “Moonies;” founded by Sun Myung Moon, who claims to be the Messiah.

Unity Church – part of the “New Thought” movement; involves metaphysics.

Yoga – sometimes, it’s just exercise; however, some forms include the evoking of demonic spirits through chanting and meditation.

Zen Buddhism – involves the emptying of one’s mind.

Addictions, Sexual Involvements, Murder







Fornication (premarital sex and adultery)

Frotteurism non-consensual rubbing with another for sexual arousal


Massage Parlors



Obscene Phone Calls

Phone Sex Services







Now that is some weird shit! Haha LOL!

This is the church that was going to purchase the building back in April, May, June of 2012. A full fledged, Christian cult, in its very essence. But I am seriously thinking it could have been better. They would have been sort of forced to be more tolerant, as they only care about PR (they hate it when you call them a cult, and they hate it when you don't like them) and obtaining more members for their collection plate. What else to cults/churches care about? So I'm pretty sure they would have been far more tolerant with our ways of life than this Jakoffcity Character. Jakoffcity is a fully bonafide, paper pushing capitalist, who could give a fuck less about public image. All he knows is that he has 40,000,000 digital numbers (Not even paper backing up this ass hole's currency) in his bank account, purchasing property and fucking with communities, families and businesses, is his business. And don't try and tell me he does care, because his behavior expressly states that he does not care.

So we decided to do a gig at the Ramona building (the other building that Jakoffcity bought with his Nazi-Jew money) where Ruben and other artists had a studio. We promoted that gig for 3-4 weeks, it was going to be big, and lots of this thing that Jack Jakoffcity hates to see people heaving: this thing called FUN. But then Jakoffcity proceeds to leave me messages on my cell phone saying that I will get arrested if I have an open mic at the Ramona building (which was approved by Ruben who had a place there at the time). We worked on promoting the Ramona building event for weeks, then suddenly Jack Jakoffcity calls me up threatening me the same day of our planned event. He said that if I throw the event that I will be arrested for trespassing.

And now he is destroying people's art! He is going to white wash the shit out of this place! He destroyed a very popular mural in the Santora basement:

When Newport Beach resident Jack Jakosky bought the Santora building, in October of this year, he told the Voice of OC that “I want to increase the number of art-related tenants,” Jakosky said. “It needs to go back to its roots, frankly, and that’s my objective.”
I think Jack is genuinely interested in using the Santora to support the arts in Santa Ana,” said Mike McGee, director of the Cal State Fullerton Begovich Gallery and a founder of the Grand Central Art Center. “I think he sees the Santora as an opportunity to use his knowledge about commercial properties and give back to the community at the same time,” according to the O.C. Register.
But tonight I found out that Jakosky has painted over a mural in the Santora basement that was painted by several artists including Matt Southgate and Alicia Rojas.  He also painted over the storefront of the Studio del Sotano, which is run by Southgate.
Read More here:

I think he erased that mural just despite Southgate, because Southgate emailed him and asked him not to remove it. “You can't tell me what to do, I'll just jack off all over the place and paint a bunch of Laguna beach whales everywhere”, Thinks Mr. Jakoffcity. ITS MINE, THE BUILDING IS MINE, MINE, MINE, ITS ALL MINE, MINE MINE MINE!!! ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE ME MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How dare you request something in MY BUILDING! Fuck all you little people, and all you leeching artists! I have 40,000,000 digital numbers in my bank account!

Making friends in town already are we, Jackoff? Another example of a WHITE JEWISH man who thinks he owns the fucking planet, and has zero appreciation for artists. He obviously gives two peanuts from a elephant's shit about the community. Open mics like ours, and the mural that was erased are perfect examples of what made this place cool enough for you to be purchasing property in town and profiting off of it in the first place, leech. That's the funny thing, just because you have accumulated a bunch of numbers in a bank account through bullshit, paper pushing industries, now you think you can just leech off the artists in order to accumulate more, and more, and more, and more arbitrary numbers in your stupid bank account, you greedy Prick. "Rich people" (People who don't really work, they mostly just push arbitrary paper and leech off the hard working people of America) are the real leeches here people, and Jack Jakoffcity is the PRIMATE example of leech city USA. People like him try and pretend that artists are irresponsible and insignificant, but the reality is, without the artists, you have no cool towns to ruin and be your control freak self, Jackoff

I think its interesting when artists get accused of being lazy leeches, when any town or village would have never become popular if it wasn't for artists. These rich people would not be able to keep raising property prices if it wasn't for artists. You insignificant ass holes with no real talent will never understand this. And that's the thing, you people really are talentless. Pushing paper and/or accumulating commercial property is not some noble thing where you're actually helping the economy. All you're doing is cheating everyone else who really works hard to make anything cool happen. Then once cool things are happening, you get people like Jack Jakoffcity jacking off all over the place and fucking up the cool shit, tearing down everything cool that everyone built, like an angry little kid at the play ground. All the kids spend all day building an awesome sand castle in the sand pit, then angry little Jakoffcity knocks it down; meanwhile all the kids ostracize him.

Jakoffcity is the epitome of the kind of people who make me hate my own people.

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