Thursday, September 27, 2012

Celebrating Mexican independence at the Colonization fair

Three words: Comercial Nutrition Mexicana

What the fuck is this white washed, asinine, unhealthy bullshit? Do any of you have any idea how bad that formula is for your kids? Bumble bee tuna is about the most healthy thing in the entire glass case. Skippy peanut butter (loaded with sugar and preserves), Gerber? White rice manufactured in order to go down smoothly for your child? Is that shit suppose to be nutritious? Are you people out of your minds you bottom line, corporate junkies? You market this shit to children? Enfamil for babies? Melamine? Sugar? God knows what else... There isn't enough breast milk to go around or what? Breast milk from a woman, the most important thing in a human babies life is taken by stupid, white corporations because of the bottom, fucking, line?! You see, we industrialized and westernized humans are damn near retarded. Not only do we have an excess in breast milk that goes to waste, we actually feed our BABIES (children) white rice, corn syrup solids, genetically engineered soy and whey-protein, partially hydrolyzed infant formulas! We milk cows constantly but won't drink actual human milk? Like its some kind of sexual crime to drink milk from another person's mother? Are we just the most ass backwards cult-ure on the face of this beautiful planet that we love to exploit? Like the oil consuming mosquitos that we are? Mother fuckers! What the fuck? Skippy peanut butter? That's the extent of our nutrition? Or do you just pawn that shit off on the poorer, browner areas? White rice Gerber cereal? White bread? That's not nutritious. Fucking Cherios, Kix, Corn flakes, Life, Lucky charms, Coca puffs, Cinnamon toast crunch? It doesn't take a solid education to know that most of this shit is devoid of nutrition number 1, but but number 2- there isn't anything Mexican about it!

I want to go to a Mexican independence day fair where Mexicans are FUCKING INDEPENDENT!

Seriously, for a people who are celebrating their independence, it sure seems like white American cult-ure has them by the balls (with much force, rape, murder, brainwashing and white washing might I ad?). From the Fords they drive, to the Mexican bombarded McDonald's, the Bud light they drink, right on down to- La Virgin Maria que adoran. And I hate to be so harsh, but Goddamn it, lets see some fruit and veggies grown by Mexican farmers! Lets see some real Mexican fiesta without all of these anal retentive, Christian, corporate whore, white companies taking over everybody's good time. Why does white American cult-ure always have to ruin authenticity, culture and real fun? When I go to a Mexican independence day festival, I DON'T WANT TO SEE A BUNCH OF GREEDY, DISGUSTING, WHITE BOMBARDED, POINTLESS AND STUPUID AMERICAN BULL SHIT!



Jesus motherfucking H Christ! Fucking stick that God cock in the vigin, bitches!

At the Colonization fair the only time I ever get the real experience is when I go to the local Mexican bars like El Festival and hang out. And of course being white no one wants to talk to me until they actually hear me doing this thing, ITS CALLED BEING BILINGUAL. Once they hear my Spanish, next thing you know Mexican men are hitting on me. But God forbid Mexican male sexual explorers hit on some rich flounder from fucking You fucking pussies. At the Mexican bars, I got hit on by men, sang Volver Volver karaoke, talked to girls at the bar, then mustered up the guts to hit on the non English speaking bar tender with the beautifully big ass, and was able to express that I wanted to be her Boyfriend and take her out to dinner.

Don't call me a self hating white person you judgmental, lost in your delusional white worlds, party pooping fucks! I simply resent how much my ancestors from Europe came to America to ruin everybody's fun! You hate good parties, you hate good fun and you hate cultural diversity you Fucking party poopers! And worst of all, white people hate nature! You are fun haters! You hate fun so much that you ruined the green grass and fields, chopped down the trees of America, and built shopping malls, cement and asphalt, then made sex into a religious issue! You couldn't just let the native people have the great fun they were having, you had to ruin every-fucking thing. White people hate real fun, its totally true. The best way to ruin a good, solid party? Is to invite a bunch of rich white people. They try to buy the women (because their cocks and game do not suffice) and they can't have a real conversation outside of the Republican party, the motherfucking stock market, their faggot million dollar house size, and your Christian religions are still worried about what gay people are doing in bed! LOL! If God isn't going to allow them into your stupid heaven, what the fuck are you Christians so worried about the gays (Thank God I will never end up in a place like the white Christian heaven. There is no way in hell I'm going to spend an eternity with a bunch of faggot white Christians kissing Jesus Christ on his cock and sticking their noses in his ass and sucking the shit out of his colon for eternity)? Irvine is the epitome of what I am talking about. What is the obsession here? A bunch of fucking faggots?

You see, that's my definition of a fucking faggot:

The Theo Hirsch dictionary


|1- A person who fights their own homosexuality by projecting hate upon other gay people (who are actually some of the happiest people on the planet as long as they have a family and/or loved ones who accept them for who they are).

2- A stupid (usually white) person who has gay tendencies, but is too big of a sexually suppressed Christian, close minded douche bag to admit it. In fact, his/her sexually has been suppressed by their own social surroundings and fears, therefore they spread hate because they're too Goddamn stupid to look in the mirror and face their own faggot psychology.

3- A person who had/has parents who were religious and brain washed them and conditioned them from birth, but are to Goddamn stupid to become their own person and think outside of the box, therefore are simply a negative on the human evolutionary scale.

Makes me realize what a masochist I really am for living in this county because according to my definition, there are fucking faggots everywhere around here. Good thing I live in good ol' Santa Ana (presently being gentrified by its own Mexican/Latino city council) .

But my question remains, why does this city council allow this shit to happen? Why isn't there a farmers market at those things and not a bunch of bacon wrapped hot dogs, cotton candy, pointless free white washed products being given away by spinning a stupid wheel like on the fucking price is Right or wheel of fortune? All white washed manufactured and irrelevant products. Farmers insurance? Mexicans don't need Farmers fucking Insurance! They need farmers markets you fucking imbecile! Platanos fritos sucios and carne asada, emmmm healthy! That's the only Mexican part besides the stage with all the mostly corporate whore, Mexican performers. Is this is some kind of conspiracy against Mexicans? Where do they get the audacity to call that place "comercial nutrition Mexicana"? Not a fucking thing Mexican or healthy about it. Ford, Dish Network, Budweiser, Disneyland, The LA kings, McDonald's?! Hey everyone, you want to go and celebrate Mexican freedom from Spain at the mother fucking colonization fair?

Its too bad we have to wipe our white wash corporate feces all over the place... fucking disgusting and I am disgusted! I am so disgusted!

And all you Irvine/Newport inhabiting, million dollar home living, “I need to glorify and protect my children” fucking pussies; suck my mother fucking dick! Got it? Just pull my little, white Theo out of my fucking pants and start sucking like a crack whore with no teeth working for a dentist! Seriously, just do it. I'll pay for the stretch marks around your lips surgery.

Fuck the Mexican colonization fair!

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