Friday, September 9, 2011

Town Hall meeting Translation 09-06-2011

Here is what I said at town Hall meeting, I decided to speak in Spanish:

Firstly: I would like to talk about white Americans, descendents of Europe. One of the biggest problems with my people is that we don't know how to speak any other language besides English, its the only language we know how to speak for the large majority of us, ITS THE ONLY LANGUAGE WE KNOW HOW TO SPEAK! We lack a lot of Culture and education (all of America does)! And the majority of us do not know how to speak the language of the Mexican race, which is one of the most hard working groups in this country (This is ridiculous). Many of my people are very ignoant and arrogant, and the only thing that is really important to them is money and material things. The only culture that is important to them is our lack of culture here in America, which isn't even culture. Although here in Southern California there are many different races, yet few white Americans speak languages of other cultures.

Question: why is it that in 2008 when the property owners placed a vote to have the PBID placed in action only 27 of Property owners voted for it, yet 43 voted against it?

Answer: because this is NOT a democracy, we are a corporatocracy. America does not believe in democratic things, we only have 2 parties, we are black and white (our mentalities do not have color). We have our minds trapped in a little box and we don't like leaving our little ignorant boxes.

Viva santa Ana and Claudia Tambien!

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