Saturday, August 27, 2011

Racism in Santa Ana

After a ton of local controversy because council woman Claudia Alvares had the balls to Call out Irv Chase in accusations of Gentrification, many things have become apparent:

1- Claudia Alvarez isn’t Racist

2- Chase probably is racist

3- Mexican vendors are being pushed out!

4- And if someone does not step in, Santa Ana Promenade all the way to East Village workshops, back north towards 4th Street, then from French to 4th and Broadway is going to become: The restaurant village. Thus art and culture will get swept to the side, while white, O.C. trust fund babies up your fucking ying-yang, will be running rampant.

Of course, you do have the Cal. State Fullerton building which will probably survive through this gentrification process, but I have found many of the people and students there have this mental disorder that I recently stumbled upon: “The CacaLate syndrome”.

Let’s dive into the definition of this horrid social disease and then we’ll go ahead and move onto these 4 points. There are many people around, ESPECIALLY here in O.C. and here in DT Santa Ana who feel so good (or bad) about themselves that they actually think that if they were to poop on a piece of Aluminum foil and wrap it up and hand it to you, that it would pass as a Baby Ruth, Snickers, Hershey with Almonds (Name your favorite candy bar with chocolate and nuts), etc. These people are Rampant around here. I thought that people only acted like that in High school, yet slowly but surely in my early adulthood it all became apparent: people are fucking dicks!

Point #1: Claudia Alvarez did NOT make anti-Semitic remarks; she did not, she did not, she did not! I am going to kick and scream like a little girl until people realize that the ADL and Erv Chase Are Both full of shit; but trust me, while I am ripping and “defaming” certain political and money grubbing figures around here, I am going to make some logical points. And Carlos Bustamonte, You sound like a little pussy (and please imagine a high pitched nosy voice when reading this quote, which I am paraphrasing, although it’s pretty spot on): “What she was saying was so outrageous and so, em, Vial, I was really *Gulp* shocked that she would say a thing like that”… LOL!!!! Oh my God, you are such a little pussy Carlos! You call yourself a man? You actually said that in front of the entire state of California and probably the nation? LoLoLoL… That is sooooooooooooooooooooo fucking hilarious it makes me want to upchuck my lunch in laughter.

Point #2: If a white person were say to an American Indian that he is acting like Columbus after collecting millions of dollars at an Indian Casino, would people be outraged? Would it be on K-Cal 9? Is it such a terrible comparison, anyways? So she compared a Jew to Hitler, BIG DEAL, get over it and leave her alone. You can spin that statement any way you want to spin it. A- Maybe she was warning him to be careful, that she didn’t want him to become what his heritage despised so much. B- Maybe he really is a racist and so is Hitler, so she called him Hitler! DoiYoiYoi! Besides, do you people have to take every little thing you hear literally? Is everyone in this society just a bunch of little whiny, pussies, that can’t handle a little heat once in a while? How brain washed are you? There is nothing “defaming” to the Jewish community about that statement at all. If anything the ADL and Irv are saying: “He has too much money and is of a certain race, how dare you even question him”? And that my people, is racism towards Claudia. To assume a Mexican is racist for using a figure of speech in comparing a Jew’s behavior to Hitler, that is the stupidest accusation I have ever heard in my life. “Ethnic cleansing”, she was using it as a figure of speech, simply that’s all it is! For all you whiny, whiny, little cry babies out there who find every little, stupid, BS thing, offensive! You will find any angle you can till you accomplish your imperialist, bureaucratic, fake, corporate agenda. If anything, this whole situation points at Irv as a racial elitist. Just because he’s a Jew, he believes he has special rights to do whatever the fuck he wants. I don’t give a shit how many paper bills you have accumulated in your life, you are not that special. And it is not “the ultimate insult” to be compared to Hitler in the Jewish community anyways; I believe that to be a lie or a major exaggeration… If someone is being a dick, it doesn’t MATTER WHAT RACE YOU ARE! I’M GOING TO COMPARE YOU TO HITLER! And who ever called the ADL in the first place, you ROYALLY SUCK! I don’t know who it was and I hope it wasn’t Irv, but I would imagine someone from the PBID.

Here are a few examples of a real anti-Semitic statement:

“Hey Jew, your people are the reason Jesus was crucified you money grubbing freak!”

“Christmas time comes once a year but not for you, YOU FUCKING JEW BOY!”

“Hey Jew, how many dreidel’s did you get this hanukkah? Those things are stupid!”

“Why don’t you go back to Wall Street a skim more money off the hard working middle class you cash-hording Jew!”

Now Claudia Alverez:

“You’re acting like Hitler”

Which do you find more offensive?

Point number 3: This sucks major donkey balls for many of us. Just because all the trendy and non-bilingual white people don’t like it, I don’t think that gives rich real estate sharks, paper pushers and flounders like Irv Chase the right to do whatever the fuck he wants, the people should have more of a say. He is only one person, and this is an entire city. We need to put a “Cap” on Capitalism. This is our city, WE MAKE THE RULES! Not Irv! Besides, who put up with all the crime, all the bullshit, paying all the taxes, putting up with all the gangs, guns, violence and Bull shit of that sort for the past 25 years? The Mexicans! It was no Jew, it was no white person and it was not the descendants of any middle Eastern or European county! Of course Now, you think just because you have a shit load of Paper, green, bills, that you can just waltz in and kick out El Centro cultural? Yeah, I'm going to have to say Irv is a racist. Point blank!

I was at a Mexican bar/restaurant last night; you know the one on the corner of 4th and Main? They have Karaoke almost every night of the week. And let me tell you, places like that and El Festival are what give this place its true character. I don’t know about the rest of you white people around here, but I like being able to walk a few blocks only to find the feeling of Mexico right in my back yard; and you don’t even have to cross the border and put up with the border Nazi’s. Plus I was able to bust out some Vicente Fernandez and knock their fucking socks off! It will truly be a shame if Irv gets his entire way. We obviously can’t eradicate him from the plan because he has too many little, green, paper bills, but we can certainly slow down this process, and we can make it more our way instead of theirs. Business or not, we have to slow him down and guide it our way.

Point number 4: The rich and greedy, paper pushing, economy exploiting, money launderers and the untalented (people who have talent for pushing paper, which is not a legit talent, IMO), will never cease to exploit the cultured and talented (those of us who prefer the simple life and are content with our talents and our fun loving lifestyles), which after they hang them out to dry and leave them with nothing. If someone does not step in and do something about all of this, the restaurant village is going to take over and the art will be GONE! At least any good art.

Mike Harrah is moving Lawyers into the Santora building?

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  1. Did Claudia Lavini put you up to this?

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  3. My suggestion: both you and Arellano dial down the rhetoric. You're both right, this is a class war in Santa Ana. And there's no viable working class organization - meaning strong unions - to fight back. So what I see is two people on the same side attacking each other out of frustration. The only solution to the frustration is to organize more workers into unions and thereby give them a political and economic voice. I'm not suggesting that's imminent in Santa Ana, but it's not impossible either. In the meantime let's criticize each other, sure, but let's take care not to destroy each other.