Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm worried about the parking in santa Ana, not the 4th & French Plaza

Right now the name of the plaza is not my biggest concern (nor should it be anyone’s, IMO). My biggest concern is the parking meeting at town hall that the former members of AVASA were not invited to on Thursday, that’s tomorrow. Why is it that the same political BS has to happen in every, single, So. Cal. town and in America? Do you guys really want to follow in the footsteps of Irvine and L.A.? You really want to be like FREAKING IRVINE? That place is like NAZI-VILLE USA! And LA is just a mess! There is sort of feeling in the air: all the white, So. Orange county people, want Santa Ana to be Trendy Like LA and like cookie cutter, Nazi-Irvine, with its ass hole cops who bother you when you're trying to have fun. We can't be a little more creative about generating funds? We have to constantly exploit the hard working people of this town with LAME and highly immature, stupid, arbitrary and irrelevant parking laws and ass hole cops? The Valet parking was the most ridiculous proposal ever.

And once the Santora building gets sold, what then? WTF? It’s like the freaking twilight zone around here lately. I moved to this town to GET AWAY from white suburbia, and I chose this place OVER L.A. 6 years ago, now only to have white suburbia bombarding it to take it over and inflate the real estate and push all the Mexicans out? My people and their Pale–face BS, always, always, there to take over, one “brown-town” at a time… America in its finest.

America: We like Bombs, we like oodles and oodles of pointless paper work, we don’t like reality, and we don’t like brown people... unless they talk just like us and follow our unbelievably ridiculous western religion; because we’re too stupid to learn a second language and too ignorant/arrogant to learn about other religious culture! HaHaHa!

Way to go Chase, you greedy, racist, Jerk off!

Holy cow, white suburbia sucks! Go away! Go back to Irvine! Take your money, your stupid real estate, your pointless paper work and go find your own town… The white suburban restaurant village, COMMMIN RIGHT UP, FOLKS! Jesus, it must suck to have such an unoriginal mind.

I propose a brain storming session on what to do about generating funds; this parking non-sense and the money spent on the cop shop in Santa Ana has got to go. Let’s be different, let's be innovative, let’s find out what intellectuals and artists want, not paper pushing ass holes with the creativity of a fucking dead door knob.

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